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Shape a good future.

Finding market fit with emerging tech.

Imagine a world where everyone knows where they’re going and they have the support to get there.

In this future, there’s no more gap between what people and companies are capable of, what they care about most and the economic opportunities that are available to them. They have the tools to shape their own destiny.

This is the future that I wake up for, where people thoughtfully shape the world they want to live in and they can access the tools and strategies to achieve the perfect blend of planning and serendipity.

To me, future making requires 4 guiding principles.

1. Take massive action. 

We can’t rush into shaping the future, but we need to act swiftly. Don’t put off that which you can do today.

2. Blend imagination with reliability.

Future making is grounded in the tenants of the human condition, not shiny objects.

3. Reconstruct the assumed boundaries.

Future making is about eliminating the pain that most people believe is permanent.

4. Manage change responsibly.

Future making is about bringing others along for the ride.

Design your next market-changing offering.

Using lean innovation processes you can take the guess work out of product-to-market fit for emerging technologies like virtual reality and the internet of things. Startups, agencies and Fortune 500’s alike use my team and I to unlock the great ideas from business teams and the unmet needs from customers to create offerings that people love and their business can execute. Together, our work elicits the words, “this changes everything”.
I think the world could use:
  • Greater access to life-changing education
  • Healthier eating habits
  • Stronger bodies
  • Longer live spans
  • More cultural awareness
  • More self awareness
  • More productive work time
  • More good men
  • Happier work lives
  • Greater capitalization rate
  • More art
  • More inspiration
  • More accessible healthcare
  • More empowerment for remote working
  • More high-five worthy moments

If you’re working in these areas, chances are we’ll get along 🙂

Brands I’ve Impacted

Reimagining the Digital Supply Network

Product-To-Market Fit  |  Product Design  |  Business Modeling

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