The High Five Manifesto

We High Five More Often When We…

Use the right tools to build things that last.

Balance ambition with appreciation.

Deal in “musts” not “shoulds”.

Avoid using big words when small will do.

Say things that need to be heard.

Prevent fires.

Avoid cheap.

Throw parties for more than birthdays and weddings.

Prepare a space before starting work.

Choose to be strong so we can help others.

Take care of our bodies.

Choose great over good.

Are selective.

Are curious.

Avoid wasting words.

Are not trying to be geniuses.

Treat today like the main event.

Over-dress when in doubt.

Take things lightly.

Hold things loosely.

Have a soft touch.

Have tough resilience.

Have energy.

Stay Calm.

Show love to art.

Show love to each other.

Speak kindly.

Don’t hurry.

Don’t stop.

Take massive action.

Not someday, NOW!

Ready, aim, aim, fire, fire, fire!


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