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Harrison Lloyd
Harrison LloydInnovation & Product Strategist

When I was 12 years old

I would make up to $60/day selling lemonade in front of my parent’s house. What made this lemonade different from every other stand on the block? The customer experience. Everything was carefully designed to surprise and delight my neighborhood consumers with features like crushed ice, a slice of lemon, and a fresh peppermint leaf from the garden. I’ve been hooked on creating unique value ever since.

Today, I help product teams create more valuable offerings that are both better and cheaper than their competitors. I facilitate the process of choosing markets, casting a product vision and architecting offerings alongside the customer.

“This. Changes. Everything.” Those are the words that I live for. For big wins and big impact with teams that are transparent with their customers and care about doing good in the world. I wrote the High Five Manifesto as a collection of behaviors that stem from the belief that when we are not just effective, but kind, we win more often.

I’m an avid learner and a student of peak performance. I love to travel, photograph, play music, body hack, cook, garden and generally create and discover. I volunteer at Fathers Eve and I’m a regular virtual guest lecturer at my alma mater, Louisiana State University.

“Harrison completely transformed our legacy software into a new and game-changing business opportunity. He is a digital product visionary, and it’s only a matter of time before we’re all quoting him and implementing best practices from his Ted talk.”

Richard Boynton, VP of Marketing @ Navegate

He has a knack for explaining, envisioning, and mapping out complex digital products in a way that even the strongest luddites among us can understand.

Peter Edstrom, Director of Operations @ Software for Good

“His unique understanding of business, strategy and UX is a rare combo and the cherry on top is that he has fantastic presentation skills and quite simply, clients love him.”

Betsey Kershaw, Owner @ B. Kershaw & Co.

“Harrison is a whole-brain thinker who brought wit and creativity to a challenging and time-sensitive set of deliverables. I’m convinced he can find a solve for any problem with which he is presented.”

Morgan Zuehlke, Director of Experience Architecture @ Periscope

“I would be happy to work with him again, and can recommend him without hesitation to anyone who is considering leveraging his talent and professional acumen.”

Angel Flores, CEO of EXERTUS Marketing

“I wanted to let you know that your Digital Strategy Guide is one of the best pieces of content I have read in the past 10 years (and I read a TON of content on the subject).”

Jeremy Porter, VP of Marketing @ RadiusOnline

“Harrison exhibits great professionalism in all that he does. I’ve used him on several projects and I’ve also recommended him to others.”

Jarett Rodriguez, Chief Innovation Officer at Bizzuka, Inc.

“We saw a direct impact on new business opportunities largely due to [harrison’s] improvements in our proposals, web presence and pitch presentations. As a result of his work, IntrinXec became a finalist for nearly every new proposal presented.”

Jaime Nolan, CEO at IntrinXec Management
“The logical manner in which Harrison laid out the ASHCA road map was wonderful and something that we have been unable to do.”
Jan Klodowski, Board Member at Agricultural Safety and Health Council of America

“Harrison is a dapper man with amazing wisdom and insights. He is like a very well-dressed human Swiss Army knife.”

Alicia Patrick, Senior Digital Producer

“Harrison exceeded my expectations with his specific online marketing knowledge. Within the ever-changing and confusing world of online marketing, Harrison provided clear, step-by-step, and proven solutions that immediately improved the performance of our online marketing team and activities.”

John Benzick, Entrepreneurship Advisor and Startup Catalyst

“Harrison is excellent to work with and is always very professional, knowledgeable, and creative.”

Shelly Jones, Vice President of Development at Cornerstone Flooring

“I really enjoyed the opportunity to virtually host you, and I actually learned a number of things from listening to your lectures. Both sessions were very interesting and your presentation style was excellent to connect with students…”

Dr. Dan Rice, Associate Professor of Marketing at Louisiana State University

Core Values

Core values are the two or three behavioral traits that are unique and inherent in me as a person. They live at the heart of my identity, they do not change over time and they must already exist. Violating these values is painful. 

Aspirational Values

The values that I aspire to adopt and wish that I had. I’m striving toward these in my current environment and stage of life. They may not be natural or inherent and need to be purposefully fostered.

Permission-to-Play Values

These are basic values that are a part of my standard for living. My relationships don’t always need to align with all of my values, but these are non-negotiable.

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