Navegate Software: Reimagining the Digital Supply Network


Navegate's proprietary logistics software needed more than a facelift: it needed a reason to believe in the future. We believe people deserve to be happy at work. Building and managing supply chain and logistics partners is complex and legacy technology is cumbersome. For our team, it was the perfect challenge.

Exertus Builds an App for Tracking Marketing Spend


Exertus wanted to transform their agency's time-tracking report into a product for marketing teams to measure time and spend across agencies, resources and channels. Our task was to define the information architecture that allowed marketing executives, directors and managers and complete their desired tasks.

Navegate Website: Starting an In-Bound Program from Scratch


When I started working with Navegate they had just finished merging three brands into one. The new combined company provided industry leading supply chain management software as well as global logistics management and transportation services. Our task was to create the digital marketing program from scratch — making recommendations on the model, processes and messages to increase sales and build trust with customers.