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Project Description


Product-to-Market Fit  |  Product Design  |  Business Modeling


Navegate Needed a Product Vision

Navegate’s proprietary logistics software needed more than a facelift: it needed a reason to believe in the future. As a value-added tool, the software division was operating at a loss and the underlying technical debt had always taken a backseat to financial cost. Their customers needed extensive hand-holding and one-on-one training to learn how to use the product, and few were fully adopting. Navegate was looking to create a competitive advantage for their logistics business while also considering spinning off the software division as an agnostic software company.

Our team’s task: Architect a product and business model that would give the current business a competitive advantage and fill the unmet needs of a broader market as an agnostic offering.

Our broader mission: We believe people deserve to be happy at work. Building and managing supply chain and logistics partners is complex and legacy technology is cumbersome. For our team, it was the perfect challenge.

The resulting product was an Orbitz-like experience paired with user-friendly project management and valuable user-managed reporting, all accessible from the cloud on any device. With Navegate’s new product design, any business can create and manage a network of transportation providers in one environment: they can quote, book and track transportation across the globe, supplied with the appropriate regulatory data as well as product data from their network of suppliers. The data framework is customizable for each role in the ecosystem: buyers, suppliers, brokers, forwarders and carriers.

After validating his assumptions, Harrison created an inspiring and market-changing vision for the product (complete with an elegant and tested product prototype). Customers who saw the product were eager to buy it, and the business was eager to execute and sell it.

Richard Boynton, VP of Marketing @ Navegate

“This is so much slicker than [the leading competitor’s product].”

Usability Test Subject


+ Prospects from Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike said they would purchase the new product when it was built

+ The product design was instrumental in closing new sales

+ Design sprint tests were positive with internal and external users

+ The development team was reignited with a new product vision

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