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Innovation Programs Designed For Speed and Predictability

4 Programs for Creating Lovable Offerings

The 12-Week Innovation Bootcamp

Make competition irrelevant and create a dramatic leap in buyer value with your next market-changing offering. You’ll unlock the best ideas from your cross-functional teams and design your offering alongside customers to achieve both differentiation and low cost.

Great for:

  • Teams that have many ideas but need to prioritize their development
  • Product and service offerings in a competitive market on its way to commoditization
  • Enterprises looking to move fast like startups instead of reacting to disruption

The Results: The Product Innovation Playbook

  • A visual product strategy and value proposition that demonstrates differentiation and low cost
  • Tested product concepts, features and messages
  • A validated longterm roadmap and MVP

The 1-Week Offering Test

Knock out a solution for any customer problem – from a new product feature to a customer service solution, the answer lies in a 1-week design sprint.

Great for:

  • Quickly testing solutions for any customer pain point
  • Unlocking ideas from a cross-functional team
  • Turning vague ideas into concrete solutions

The Results: A Tested Design Solution

  • After the week, your team will have the direction it needs to design a feature or service that will work for customers

The Value-Based VR Pilot

Explore the potential of reducing cost or raising customer value by using VR/AR/MR in your enterprise. Test ideas, validate business assumptions and find partners to develop your first Extended Reality experience.

Great for:

  • Creating an enterprise VR strategy
  • Using VR technology for market innovation
  • Testing VR ideas and assumptions

The Results: An Enterprise XR Roadmap

  • A tested plan for using VR/AR/MR to increase profitability
  • A tested VR/AR/MR experience concept
  • Introductions to partners for developing your first product

CX Design Week

Design and test an end-to-end customer experience in a week.

Great for:

  • Quickly architecting CX for new offerings
  • Improving existing CX
  • Testing service ideas

The Results: A CX Journey Map

  • After the week, you’ll have a validated customer experience architecture designed alongside the customer and ready to execute.